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Alliance international school is supported by the following organizations.

I Max

Content development


Technology support for the class room teaching


Communicative English program for primary classes


Foreign teachers support in higher sections


Aleeef program for reading Quran

Al-Quran Academy

Understand Al-Quran Academy for Arabic content


Islamic summer camps

Chaitanya institute


Bodha Guru

AV support for primary classes


Support for slow learners

Academic side of the Alliance International School

Alliance international school work on three strong principles. They are:

School has teaching hours and study hours system. During teaching hours teachers just focus on the CCE pattern of education and make the students understand the concept with the help of the available Aids required for the content. During study hours students collaborate among themselves and put a step ahead in completing the task assigned by their teachers for the reinforcement of the concept.

Every Saturday during the study hours student do the testing for the content learned by them during the whole week. The results of which are communicated to the parents by every Wednesday.

Slow learners are given special attention and they made to do the work in very low teacher student ratio in order to provide individual attention for the students. Parents of such students are regularly counselled and if required even medical support is recommended.

Keeping the all round development of the child in view school arrange cultural activities every Saturday as soon as the students finish their assessments.
School has AV room and few class rooms are supported by projectors and sound systems along with the computers as required by the teachers. Bodha Guru provides the related AV support required by the content.

Teachers take the support of the Google’s eduatonal Apps for the better explanation of the topics.

Most of the teachers are trained by the GEG( Google’s educators group) in the usage of educational Apps.

School has an excellent collection of educational soft wares and CDs which can be even used with a simple DVD player and TV.

Class wise Whatapp groups are created for passing off messages easily to the parents.
School is supported by Mesco and Understand al –Quran academy for the Moral and spiritual development of the child. They have one period for Arabic every day in the school and it is assessed regularly. The grades of which are even added in the report cards.

Students write the Tajweed exam through Jame Nizamia Hyderabad as soon as they complete the Nazera course in the school.

With help of all the above mentioned features Alliance International school has provided excellent results since the time of its establishment school has generated so many area toppers in the SSC . So far school does not have a single child who has backlogs in SSC. Not only this, Alliance Students lead the show where ever they go in the competitions. Their achievements are frequently highlighted by the local media.

About Us

We are privileged to have a large number of students at school showing their belief and trust on us.

Our Aim

We wish to open a new world of opportunities for them. And see the ways where the things can be changed rapidly.


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